This is mostly a page about travel in Denmark and other trips during my time in Denmark.

The pages are in, effectively, chronological order, ie: the order follows where I went. I didn't bother with dates. Look at the pictures and what people are wearing. That should be a clue.

I should also say that this site has amazing maps of Denmark that are clickable and just plain great. I have no idea if they have an English page, as I just use it in Danish. Kort means map (it also means short, which Ole had to remind me of recently).

Fair warning. While in Europe I took in the neighborhood of six thousand images. No where near all of them are on these pages, but it is still quite a . . . trip for you desk travelers. Up to Stockholm, I've been averaging one in every five to one in every ten pictures on this site.

Arrival in Copenhagen, pics of the new family, the house, etc.

Sightseeing tour of Copenhagen

"Tour" of the Carlsberg brewery

Tour of Dragør, where I am living

One day, I walked to the East

Rosenburg Castle, home of the Crown Jewels

Some pictures of the mass transit in and around Copenhagen. Trains, busses, the metro and bicycles. Updated!

What to do while waiting for trains? Eat french fries

A castle northwest of Copenhagen

Here are a few pages with pictures collected during a trip around Denmark organized by my study abroad program, DIS

Folketinget (The Danish Parliament)

My friends Anna and Rachel came to visit.

A trip to Stockholm, Sweden in mid-March

Spring is coming! Surprising after the ice in Stockholm, but it's true.

A trip to Malmö and Lund in Sweden, across the Øresund from Copenhagen.

My parents come for a visit

Christina came to visit in late April

There are buckets of other photos which I have yet to go through. My trips to Senegal and Kenya took priority. I will post an update on the front page when I update with more Europe pictures.

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